a house in the hills

Blog Love: A House in the Hills with Sarah Yates


You know who’s a major Hottie McHottiepants with a killer blog? It’s this girl: Sarah Yates. You might recognize her name from the world of wedding and lifestyle photography–she’s a massive talent and an utter delight to work with, to boot. And now Sarah’s really upping the ante with her personal blog, A House in the Hills. Holy cutie patootie, Batman!


Sarah and her fiance, fellow photographer Lou Mora, have had the blog for a while–and they’re tweaking it with new content like outfit posts, home decor ideas, and snaps from their frequent travels. Plus don’t miss the dry wit of fur baby Ruca Bean Yates-Mora, who loves her bunny slippers and is most decidedly not a morning dog. This one’s sure to become a daily read!

Photos: A House in the Hills.

  • http://savvyhome.blogspot.com Gabrielle | Savvy Home

    OMG, it’s rare that I come across a new blog that makes me this excited!!! Thank you Anne for the AMAZING find! X

  • http://tranquiltownhouse.blogspot.com/ Kerry

    You could get lost in the hills for hours. No, make that days. Brilliant blog.

  • http://cestlavieophelia.blogspot.com/ Ophelia

    Very cute bunny slippers!

  • http://www.my-grandmothers-gucci.blogspot.com Caitlin

    Heading over there now to see who makes those jeans!!

  • http://www.jimetnicole.blogspot.com nicole b.

    Um, how cute is she?! Love her style. Thanks for sharing. xo.

  • http://www.adasinteriordesign.com/blog Ada (new york)

    Om my … what a cuuuuute doggie wearing slippers. I luv the chalkboard wall … I have 1 wall in my kitchen all chalkboard painted as well and i LOVE it!

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    Darling work. I love how it turned out. You are so special in what you do for your family, guests and friends. I also noticed my buddy Max snuck in that pic.

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    Just checked out her blog and love her style!! thanks for introducing… totally gonna stalk her now. :) xo

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    oh, Anne. Nailed it again! thank you!

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    i like her style
    – nina

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    She’s beautiful i like her style, also i like the dog because he or she looks like a human, you know why? first time in my life i saw a dog wearing a “SLIPPERS” so funny! I Love it! Thank you..

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    It IS a “brilliant blog” as someone else Commented.
    Adorable dogly-guy with bunny-slippers. : )

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    The City Sage: Blog Love: A House in the Hills with Sarah Yates