Food + Music = Love From Turntable Kitchen!

Turntable kitchen

Some dynamic duos just go together. Fred and Ginger. Lucy and Ethel. Food and music. I can't imagine a summer barbeque without 'Brown Eyed Girl' blasting; a winter's cup of tea without George Winston in the background. The cool folks at Turntable Kitchen just get that food/music connection–so they're recreating it in a monthly subscription!

Here's how it works. A mystery box arrives. Inside is a recipe, the dry ingredients needed to make it, and a special edition vinyl of some brand new music to listen to while you prepare and eat it. You're guaranteed tunes and good taste! Plus right now, creators Kasey and Matt (themselves a dynamic duo!) are having a giveaway for this gorgeous red turntable. It's a V-Day gift that keeps on giving!

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    to listen to while you prepare and eat it. You’re guaranteed tunes and good taste! Plus right now

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    Vinyl record! Super awesome.. If I could win one, I ll really be happy :)

  • nicole b.

    I included Turntable Kitchen’s pairings box in my holiday gift guide, but I have yet to try it for myself. Thanks for the tip about the giveaway! xo.

  • Penelope

    My husband has SO many old records would LOVE to be able to play them again. I love the idea of recipes and music. I’m always searching for creative new recipes to try. And the idea of new music with great food is the best idea yet.

  • jenika

    FAN-tastic! thanks for this!

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