Vegas Bound: Airplanes and Blazers Two!

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I'm not really a Vegas girl. I don't drink, I don't gamble, I don't care much for feeling like a tourist. But there's one event per year that gets me excited about Vegas: the Airplanes and Blazers party at the annual WPPI photographers' conference. And it's THIS MONDAY! I'll be hopping in the car for a road trip, speaking at the conference, then getting gussied up to shake a tailfeather or two.

Last year was tons of fun–especially since we packed a Rue shoot in the desert into that trip as well. This year, the theme of the party is the 1960's Old Strip. I don't know what I'm wearing yet, or how I'll style my hair, but I've got my karaoke song picked out–and with a nine hour drive ahead of me, there's plenty of time to practice my high notes. Bonne weekend, all!

P.S. I'll be speaking at WPPI as well–if you're at the conference, stop by the booth on Monday at 11 am! Photo credits: Smilebooth and Google. 

  • Taylor

    Have so much fun! I wish I were attending. Maybe next year. It’s hard with it being so close to Alt! Silly 9-5 job with limited PTO. :)

  • Kelly Stonelake

    I have two tickets to A&B that I can’t use (sad face) – if anyone would like them please email me at kelly (at) kellystonelake (dot) com.

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  • Maria pÃ¥

    I really like your blog:)Great pics and so much inspiration…I Wish you a lovely week.
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  • robin pulsifer

    sounds like a blast, enjoy yourself! wish i could fly out there to say hi 😉

  • Eden Lords

    so fun , amazing blog

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