Get Dressed: High-Waisted Crops and a Bodysuit edit

Presenting the final of three 'Closet Conundrums' that the girls from helped me solve. I've been saving this for last because it's the most bewildering of all. The confounding culprits? Wool harem trousers bought on sale at Barney's (I know, I know, I'm a sucker) and a sublimely gorgeous but eyebrow-raising flesh-toned bodysuit. I needed help. Big time.

Of course stylists Brandon and Arlene had exactly the solution, and it came as no surprise: pair the two perplexing pieces together and their idiosyncracies will balance each other out! Indeed, the epic frump factor of the pants (waist up to my knockers, crotch down to my knees) offset the 'Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman' vibe of the bodysuit just perfectly. Phew! I could leave the house!

To complete the look we went for a chunky grandpa cardigan in marled wine tones to warm up the nude hues of the top, and kept the bottom anchored with a pair of sculptural heels. In a business situation I could button the sweater, then open it for cocktails later. Proving two age-old maxims:
1. Opposites attract and 2. Bodysuits give you atomic wedgies no matter how you wear them.*

P.S. Brandon and Arlene also helped me figure out leather shorts! And a denim vest! Is there nothing they can't do? Photos: Nathan Michael. Styling, Shopping Guide: Pants, Alexander Wang. Shoes, miu miu. Sweater, Autumn Cashmere. Belt, Club Monaco. Bodysuit, Sheer Iridesscent by Body-Wrap. *Actually not true–the wedgie comment was for comic effect only. This bodysuit was super comfortable!