An Announcement…


It is with no small degree of sadness that I share this news with you today. The June issue of Rue will be my last with the magazine. After weighing a number of personal factors quite heavily these last few months, I've arrived at this decision knowing it is the right one for me at this time in my life. I wish my cofounder Crystal and the rest of the team all the best in the world as they move forward with Rue.


I feel so blessed to have worked not only with my fellow editors but also with our extended family of photographers, designers, stylists, and others who have helped bring Rue to life. Being a member of this community is such a gift, one that I will continue to cherish in all my endeavors here on the blog and elsewhere. Thank you to everyone–readers, contributors, and advertisers–for your support.

Photos: Ben Morris

  • Megan Gilger

    So sorry to hear but I am sure you have new and amazing things ahead of you :) Good lucky lady in the next stage I am sure it will be just as amazing if not more!! Cheers!

  • kate

    exited to see what’s next for you, anne! amazing things ahead. now let’s figure out when we can finally meet :)

  • Caz Lee

    I know this was such a big, difficult decision for you, but I’m so proud of you for being true to what you think is right! You’re an incredible woman and friend, and I know you’re only just warming up. I’m so grateful for Rue, and that it brought us together. I’ll cherish our friendship forever, Anne! Love you!!

  • Molly Marler

    Your unique voice will be missed on that platform, but I’m sure you will be using it here (and elsewhere) with aplomb; you are so talented, Annie, and I know you have many more wonderful adventures ahead. Much luck and lots of love! xoxo

  • Igor

    This is really sad news – but decisions must be taken in life and one must listen to the inner voice and decide wisely. Good thing is we can stay in touch with you through your blog! Good luck from Germany!

  • Erin

    Sad to see you leave Rue and I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision. Can’t wait to see what’s next for you- you are brilliant!!

  • cass

    love you so much lady – this freedom is going to give you so much room to grow and rock this little world! xoxo

  • Joannariedl

    Love you.

  • Anne @ The City Sage

    Thank you all for your kind words of support–they mean so much to me! xoxo Anne

  • jules @ The Diversion Project

    good on you for listening to yourself and making a big decision. whatever you move to will be stellar, just like you x

  • dustjacket

    All the best for whatever great things the future brings to you …

  • Crystal @ Rue Magazine

    I’m so proud of you, Anne! I know this was a very difficult decision for you and I so admire your ability to listen to your heart! Like you said, from that fateful night in NYC to hauling trunks out into the Nevada desert…those memories are ours and beautiful forever. One of my favorite things I’ve experienced on our shared journey is watching you come into your own. Look out world, here comes Anne! Love you…xo! Crystal P.S. There will never be another Rue wordsmith quite like you!

  • Vanessa Sicotte

    Best of luck Anne, you will be missed! Your next endeavour will have all of us flabbergasted I a sure.

  • Brandi {not your average ordinary}

    How sad! But really, I can’t wait to see where all your new adventures will take you, Anne. You have a magic to you.

  • mom

    Hugs and Kisses for our Annie!
    Mom and Dad

  • Kimair

    i’m sure that this was a difficult decision, but i admire you for staying true to yourself and doing what’s best for you. wishing you all the best and very excited for what the future holds for you…xo

  • Jane Flanagan

    Anne – hooray for bold decisions and brave new worlds!

  • Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors

    I knew from the moment I found your blog…You were going places. You are such a talented individual. You truly are a gem. If there is anything you need …I here for you. oxox, m

  • Ada (new york)

    Wow, what an announcement … it’s like a friend who moves away and you know you won’t see her as often :( Cheers for following your heart. I will sooo miss your voice at Rue, and looking forward to hearing about your new chapter. The beauty of life = growth!

  • Allegra Baldwin

    wow is right! You and Bri. Will follow your talents to your next endeavors!

  • dervla @ The Curator

    sad to see you leave Rue, hope we’ll see more of you in other places. Best of luck!

  • Cortnie @Canvas and Canopy

    you are one of the smartest, cutest and design savvy chicas i have ever met. i know your decision is coming from a brilliant place and i can’t wait to see what you have in store next my friend! may the force be with you with you!! :)
    p.s. because of you I will always have an extra special place in mi heart for camels.. caleb 4 eva… :)

  • Savvy in San Francisco

    Congrats on your newest adventure! Thank you for creating a beautiful magazine and inspiring us!

  • invisible keylogger

    This is so funny. I thought we weren’t going to hear from you for three days and everytime I refresh, there’s a new fun post!

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  • April

    You will do only wonderful things! You did great great work with Rue. Congratulations, Anne!

  • Shoko

    I will miss working with you, Anne – it was always so much fun! Can’t wait to see what’s next for you, though, and I hope our professional paths cross again soon! :) xoxo

  • keylogger


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