Get Dressed: Mad Men Style with Woodnote Photography

1960's vintage nightgown mad men style

Raise your hand if dress-up was your #1 pasttime as a kid–if the fripperies in your playclothes collection outnumbered the items in your school wardrobe. I myself whiled away many an hour in fantasyland, and even now I won't turn down the chance to take on a character. So when my gal Caz at Woodnote Photography came for a visit, we dove right in for a vintage style shoot!


We'd been wanting to do something for quite some time with a bunch of vintage 1960's polyester nighties I have. I bought them at a store that sells old clothes by the pound, and because these things are so light, I couldn't resist stocking up on about eight of them for $20! Naturally they slipped right into a tortured Mad Men-esque housewife theme (pun intended…)


Since the wardrobe for this part of the shoot was so simple, it was key that we get the hair and makeup just right. A quick call to The Makeup Dolls was a no-brainer. Usually I'm the one behind the camera so getting gussied up (false eyelashes! teased and back-combed!) was interesting to say the least. We put on some Ella Fitzgerald tunes to set the mood and the rest was…well…history!

P.S. There are lots of lovely outtakes that I didn't have room for over on the Woodnote Photography blog, and we have two more looks that we photographed that I'll be sharing in the next few weeks. Stay tuned! 

  • Aleah and Nick

    Oh my gosh! Amazing, Anne! You look stunning!


    so prettyyy

  • Kelly Golightly

    I love this SO much! You are breathtaking and so are the photos and the styling. Would love to see more!

  • Sinead

    So pretty, I’m getting some Valley of Dolls vibes as well.

  • Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors

    Anne, you could be in that show. You look so FAB! I also agree with Sinead, a bit of “Valley Of The Dolls!” On a great day. ox, m

  • Savvy in San Francisco

    You look GORGEOUS! I love the third picture!

  • Erin

    Oh WOW Anne! You look simply amazing. The 60’s is my favorite era for looks and fashion and you’ve nailed it 100%, even down to the decor. Mad skills you’ve got lady!

  • Jim

    Very nicely done. You have captured the mood perfectly. Gorgeous lighting as well.

  • Holly

    I love that first shot, so beautiful!

  • sara

    I absolutely LOVE this! Stunning!

  • Heidi

    I really love these photos. You are quite the muse Anne. So photogenic 🙂

  • Emily Anderson

    I love dress-up, luckily I have two kids who love it too–this looks like so much fun!

  • Heather Taylor

    FUN! I love this.

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