Romance in the Desert: Shark Pig for Leisure Society


My earliest memories of the desert date to 1986, when my father took me camping in Nevada to see Haley's comet. My fascination with those endless sands, the vast and open starscapes, the soaring heat and plummeting cold: it's only grown since that trip with my pop. So when Brian (aka Sharkpig) sent me this video he made for the eyeware label Leisure Society, I was gobsmacked.  

Not only are the glasses seriously luxe, but the film itself is some of Brian's best work to date. The choice of music–don't get me started on Holst's 'The Planets'–the pacing and storytelling, the camera work. Yeesh. This is 'dive in and swim around' stuff, and it's plain to see why the desert gets my vote every time. Watch it uninterrupted for the perfect Tuesday escape.

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