Lately Loving: Raw and Rugged Jewelry


I go through phases with jewelry; sometimes I couldn't care less about it, and others I'm like a magpie, swooping down on every shiny thing I see. These past couple months I'm in full-on 'ooh! sparkly!' mode, and I'm drawn in particular to pieces that have a jagged, uncut edges and matte finishes–rings, necklaces, and bracelets that look unearthed from the annals of time.


The great things about designs like these? They're often made by independent artisans, they tend not to cost as much as the more refined and polished collections, and they're generally sold in small boutiques as opposed to the big department stores. I've been picking up little gems here and there on my travels as a souvenirs, and every time I wear them it's like hugs from my friends!

Shopping Guide: 1. Made Her Think Open Spike Pendant 2. Sol Del Sur Brass & Leather Necklace 3. Sarah Swell Ruina Ring 4. Loren Stewart Arrowhead Studs 5. Giles & Brother Hammered Archer Bracelet 6. Unearthen Crystal Bullet Necklace


    Nice picks of shiny geo jewels – gotta love being a magpie!

  • carolina – patagonia gifts

    gorgeous pieces. especially the stones. have a beautiful day, darling!
    caroline @ patagonia gifts and jewelry

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  • Kate Skogen

    these are rad. I love these because I usually feel too fancy with jewelry. and that crystal bullet necklace is perfect!!

  • Acanthus Nichole

    These are pretty awesome. I especially like those big rough rings in the first pic and the raw gemstones too.

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  • Kristen Haney

    I love Sarah Swell’s work. Met the designer for an interview and she couldn’t be sweeter. She also rocks some kick ass fringe