Inspired By: Alexis Russell Jewelry


It's no secret that my taste in jewelry runs towards the raw and rugged with a luxe, feminine sensibility. So New York-based designer Alexis Russell is right up my alley. You'll find her collection filled with rough-cut stones in exposed settings, and each piece has a 'finished by hand' feel to it. This is stuff you'll want to wear day in and day out.


"Earthy and understated, yet refined and elegant," is how Alexis describes her pieces, and that's pretty much how I aspire to live my entire life–from the way I fill my wardrobe to the way I decorate my home to the way I put food on the table. She's described me to a T: I'm your "not so typical diamond stud" gal. Isn't it wonderful to find a label that fits right into your ethos?

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  • Taylor Rae

    Her jewelry is amazing. Adding those rings to my Christmas list this year. (can’t believe I’m thinking up a list already!)

  • Cassidy Short

    LOVE this! I adore Alexis Russell jewelry as well :)
    Cassidy Short