Fall Color Lust: Oxblood


We've established hunter green as one of my favorite color trends for fall (catch it here and here). Now on to the next: oxblood! Don't worry, friends. It's just a fancy way of saying burgundy or maroon (or chianti or mulberry or pinot noir). A rose by any name smells as sweet, or in this case a red by any other name looks just as rich and ready for a shopping spree.


This year's take on that deep, dark ruby hue that crops up every autumn is especially dramatic, and I'm a fan of it in both the usual places and in unexpected applications as well. Try it as an alternative to black pants–it's super slimming!–or invest in it on a statement bag. If you're feeling wild, go for a leopard print on an oxblood background. 


This color also works well in the beauty realm, both as a nail polish and as a lipstick. Matte or gloss, a little or a lot, it makes serious impact for day and night alike. The only question remaining is will you use this shade to channel minimalism a la Gwyneth Paltrow circa 1996, or summon up a little 1930's glamour? The world is your oxblood oyster!

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  • http://thestyleofbeing.blogspot.ca ginger from the style of being

    Oxblood might just be the grossest name for a color ever. But I kinda love that you use it. Oxblood. Gross. I also love the idea of swapping neutral black pants for burgundy ones. Brilliant.

  • erin

    A year ago I was in Oakland and I got purse-jacked. They got one of my favorite bags–an oxblood-colored Donna Karen. Jerks. Anyway, think it might be time to replace it. :)

  • http://Www.thecuisinerd.com The Cuisinerd

    That IRO sweater?!? Must.

  • http://Richcityhyfe.com/profile.php?ID=5354 insulating foam Sioux City

    insulating foam Sioux City

    The City Sage: Fall Color Lust: Oxblood