Must-Shop Decor: Harabu House


There's a word that I banned at Rue, that makes me cringe if I see it on Twitter, a word for which I have absolutely no patience. Which word do I mean? Cozy. And with fall fast approaching, I bet we'll hear it more and more. Yet sometimes only that word will do. When I saw these products from home decor shop Harabu House, I immediately thought, 'Mmmm, cozy!'


Harabu House has perfected that eclectic global mix that international home magazines like 'Vogue Living Australia' have got me hooked on. Look for embroidered linens from Sweden, copper pots from Istanbul, ceramics from Japan, teak serveware from Thailand…Doesn't it make you want to brew a pot of Turkish espresso, tuck under a reindeer fur, and await the coming winter?  

Interiors Images: 1. 2.

  • Sean

    love that dining area, also: love vogue australia!