Object Lust: The Wood and Leather Chair


In the furniture kingdom, there are hamsters and there are tortoises. Hamsters are fun. They're the Ikea pieces, the trendy impulse buys; they last two years, then you toss them with the coffee grounds. But as I get older, I'm more interested in tortoises–heirlooms that will live longer than I will, that grow more dignified with age. For example, the perfect leather chair? That's a tortoise.


Everyone has ideas about what makes the leather chair. For me it's a smoothly tanned hide combined with wood, and clean midcentury lines that doesn't feel overly tied to that time period. I'd like to be able to take this chair with me no matter where I go. It should feel at home alone or in a pair, in an office, in a living room, in a nursery. This chair should become part of the family.    


Of course it's always nice to adopt a rescue–um, I mean, shop vintage. But with leather, that's not always possible. So there are plenty of vendors selling beautiful new pieces waiting to wend their way into your heart. I'm especially loving everything DwellStudio does these days and can attest to the quality after sitting in their chairs at a local shop. These are tortoises indeed!

Interiors Images: 1, 23. P.S. I know a guy who keeps a giant tortoise as a pet. It mows his lawn. True story.