Coming Soon: Bookshelf Makeover with Layla Grayce


Is there anything more satisfying to gaze upon than a perfectly-imperfect bookshelf? You know what I mean. It doesn't matter if the books could be grouped by color, are packed haphazardly in stacks and rows, or are sparsely distributed amongst curios and objets. It's ALL GOOD. I've been quite frustrated with my own shelves lately, so Layla Grayce is helping me get them into shape. 


I've had so much fun working with the Layla Grayce team on selecting a few pieces from their vast collection to spruce up my poor, neglected bookcase. Before I reveal the results, here are a few peeks from my inspiration files. As I prepared for the project, I inspected and examined bookshelves like I was a Cold War super spy. I'd never thought so much about the topic before! 

Midcentury bookshelf 2

Because really, I think we love bookshelves because they're a window into their owners' hearts and minds. So I wasn't just considering questions of color or proportion, but also what I want my shelves to say about me. Example: are they for display or are they meant to be browsed? Stay tuned for more and in the meantime check out the Layla Grayce bookshelf makeover Pinterest board I made!

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  • Kerri Lynne

    Can’t wait for the big reveal! And I’m literally drooling over your Pinterest board :)

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    The City Sage: Coming Soon: Bookshelf Makeover with Layla Grayce