Happy Birthday to My Girl Rebecca Buenik

Vintage styling rebecca buenik

This is a very special post for a very special friend of mine. Her name is Rebecca Buenik, but I just call her Bee. Her blog, Bee of Design, is a regular read of mine. Her rapidly growing portfolio (she styles, she crafts, she has a degree in interior design) is a constant source of inspiration. But what really matters most is that Bee knows enough about me to end my run for president before it begins.

Rebecca buenik

She's one of those friends. One who has my back just as hard as I've got hers. One with whom I plan to complain about the lumpy applesauce in the nursing home. She's so talented, so tireless, and she tells the story about the time Max the Cat got shaved with such perfect timing. I can't wait to toast her tonight. We all deserve a girl like her in our lives. Happy Birthday Bee! 

Images: 1, 2. Styled by Rebecca Buenik and Shot by Angela + Ithyle. 3, 4. Bee of Design

  • http://sylvanend.wordpress.com/ Jo Ann Simpson

    wow, is that a fabulous outfit or what?!!!!

  • http://www.verysarie.com Sarah

    Yay! Happy Birthday Rebecca! I just met her, and in that one night I was way, way impressed!

  • http://hollycromerphoto.wordpress.com Holly Cromer

    I love the flowery wall paper in the first two images!