Planet Blue Video Lookbook: Bonfire Nights

Fall beach bonfire

I'm fairly certain that each and every one of us—no matter how curmudgeonly we get about sand in our toes and wind in our eyes—has a soft spot deep in our soul for the beach. There's something magical about it in the autumn, especially. The crowds have gone home, a chill lingers in spite of the sun, and we have no choice but to build a bonfire and huddle with friends.

So the Planet Blue Fall video lookbook speaks directly to that part of me that cannot resist an October trip to the beach. It's set in Malibu, but for me it brings up fond memories of camping with my family along the Oregon coastline, or toasting marshmallows along the shores of Lake Superior in the Canadian north. Anywhere you have water, a good time is guaranteed, no?

Fall beach outfit

And the clothes. Oh, the clothes! It's layering time, my friends! Planet Blue has perfected that Southern California bohemian beach vibe that I love to mix into my more reserved urban wardrobe. A leather jacket here, a drapey sweater there, then top it all off with some colorful bangles. Even if you don't have seaside fun in your future, the freedom of the surf is just an outfit away!

Shopping Guide: Wildfox Star Sweater, Vanessa Mooney Longhorn Necklace, Rebel Yell Nice Day Tee, Joe's Jeans The Skinny Jean, Cleobella Bangles, Lotta Stenson Skinny Thread Banglesmuubaa Biker Jacket. Images: 1. Courtesy of Planet Blue2. 3. 4

  • Elizabeth

    LOVEEE! Can’t wait till you move down here and we can recreate this :) :)

  • Planet Blue

    Thanks Anna!
    Planet Blue