Interview: Choose Your Own Path with Sseko Designs

Anne sage liz Forkin Bohannon

Last summer I traveled to portland and met the visionary Liz Forkin Bohannan, founder of Sseko Designs (they make those sandals!). I listened to her speak on how she started her company, on her commitment to social justice and the empowerment of women, on her openhearted approach to business and to life. She captivated me with every word. Without question, Liz is one to watch.

Sseko designs

So when Liz asked me to contribute to her 'Choose Your Own Path' column, I didn't skip a beat. This is a woman who dwells in risk, courage, and vulnerability on a daily basis, so I did my best to be open when I answered her questions. I hope you'll pop over to read the interview, and more importantly to learn more about what Liz is doing with Sseko Designs.

P.S. Photos by my partners in crime at Woodnote Photography, who themselves know a thing or two about vision and courage. We had such a great afternoon shooting these pics! 

  • The Sweet Wife

    Sooooo will she make those sandals in a size 15?

  • Acanthus Nichole

    What a great interview-thank you for posting this. I remember when we had breakfast and you told us about Liz and the amazing things she is doing with her company and in her life and the lives of others.
    Plus, those bags and sandals are boss bananas. =)
    Truly impressive and inspirational ladies yous twos are!!

  • caz

    love this. love you and liz. nuff said.