Lately Loving: Hudson Made


"Our philosophy is a proposition, not one of revolution, but one of return." And with that simple yet seductive phrase began my love affair with Hudson Made, a new brand that brings the craftsmanship of the Hudson River Valley to shoppers everywhere. From woodgrain kitchenwares to bridle leather accessories, the rural sophistication that abounds here has me smitten. 


There are so many places in the country where the appeal of the handmade is being celebrated, and the Hudson River Valley is one the standouts. The aesthetic is one of clapboard and clawfeet, pedestal sinks and penny tiles. I'm reminded of stylists I've had the pleasure to work with, talents like Meagan Camp and Raina Kattelson, who have made this sensibility their life's statement.    


The loveliest thing about Hudson Made is that you don't have to attend the school of farmhouse chic to shop this look. Beeswax candlesticks fit into any interior, and every hostess would be thrilled to receive the gift of cherry wood spoons tied with a linen ribbon. As for 'return, not revolution' thinking, for me it's a return to appreciating more with our senses—and I know we can all get behind that. 

Shopping Guide: Fancy Black Soap, Letterpress Gift Tag, Kitchen Board and Mezzaluna Gift Set, Bridle Leather Tote Bag, Wooden Utensils, Blackstock's Collections Book, Vintage Pudding MoldsBeeswax Candles Gift Set. Images: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7. Jamie Beck, styled by Meagan Camp. 4, 5, 8. Emily Johnston Anderson, Styled by Raina Kattelson.

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