Brunch on the Oregon Coast with Kinfolk Magazine

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Last July I visited Portland for the first time. My friends Caroline and Jayden of Woodnote Photography roadtripped out from their home in Wisconsin. When they arrived in Stumptown, we all continued to the coast for a visit with Kinfolk Magazine founders Nathan and Katie Williams. In case you're not familiar with Kinfolk, its focus is on small gatherings–so when Nathan and Katie beckon, you call.


When the Woodnotes and I reached the coast, memories of my childhood came flooding back to me. I used to camp the beaches of Oregon with my family. The moisture hangs so heavy in the air, it's like a saltwater rainforest. Once we were caught in a downpour so sudden and strong that a stream burst through our tent. Yes these shores are a part of this country, but they feel not of this world.


Then, brunch with Nathan and Katie. It's hard to put these two into words, but their actions say what my linguistic shortcomings cannot. They welcomed us–relative strangers–into their home and served us hot scones, German pancakes, and thick, black coffee. After our meal we walked on the sand and lost all sense of time. I can still hear the crash of waves. It truly was one of those forever days.

Images: Woodnote Photography. There are tons and tons more here.

  • joanna

    the oregon coast is so magical! thanks for sharing, anne!