Gifts for the Man’s Man: Meet Huckberry


I've always been a 'one of the guys'. In high school I had a best girlfriend and all my other pals were the wiseacre boys who spent more time in detention than in study hall. I've now found my group of gals, but I'll still take rugged and real any day. So when I discovered Huckberry, a site that's half online magazine and half manly-man shopping smorgasbord, I started crushing hard.


It started on the phone. Huckberry co-founder Richard and I talked for 45 minutes (mind you, I hate the phone) about anything and everything. About how the guys at Huckberry get to know the people behind every brand they carry, so they can tell their stories. About how they road test the products and won't sell anything they don't love. About how much fun they're having with this endeavor.     


As for us girls, who doesn't love a man with a sense of humor? (From the site: "Sunglasses are really good at two things: protecting your eyes from the sun and leaving themselves behind in restaurants.") One with excellent grooming habits? (Who lets you use his pine-scented products?) 'Cause let's be real, ladies. Nine times out of ten, when we're shopping for him, we're shopping for us too. Oh Huckberry, won't you please be mine?

Images: Huckberry Instagram. Seriously, get signed up for Huckberry whether you have a guy to shop for or not. They have so much stuff coming up on the horizon, both on the magazine and the shopping front. For men and us women too! As well, I'd like to extend my most heartfelt thanks for all the support and love I received in the wake of yesterday's personal post. Words really can't express how loved I feel right now.

  • Jess

    Hi best girlfriend :)
    Lovely post, wish they were in Australia!
    sending love,

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    The City Sage: Gifts for the Man’s Man: Meet Huckberry