Book Review: Decorate Workshop by Holly Becker


Blogs are wonderful. No doubt about it. They bring us instant gratification, a sense of connection, and the opportunity to develop our own voice no matter how small we may feel. But nothing will ever replace the satisfaction of holding a book in our hands, of smelling its fresh pages. And a book by a blogger and community leader like Holly Becker of Decor8? That is a triumph for us all.


Just in time for gifting with ribbons and bows, Holly brings us her second book, Decorate Workshop. It's the follow up to her her hugely bestselling Decorate, but I have to say that as much as I loved her first volume, this second offering is even better. Don't get me wrong, I love interiors eye-candy as much as the next girl, but the how-to approach of Decorate Workshop is so darn useful! 


Maybe it's the watercolor floor plans by Samanthan Hahn (herself an amazing blogger!). Maybe it's the glorious photos of Holly's own home. Or maybe it's the fact that I've just moved into a big, empty, two-bedroom apartment and I'm like new born baby soaking up every ounce of design inspiration I can get. All I know is you've got to get your hands on Decorate Workshop

Interiors photos by Debi Treloar. Images of the book from Decor8. P.S. This post is part of a Blog Book Tour in support of Holly. See the other posts according to this schedule! Monday, November 26: Poppytalk. Tuesday, November 27: Sacramento Street & A Creative Mint. Wednesday, November 28: Hooray & Design For Mankind. Thursday, November 29: Decorology & Bloesem. Friday, November 30: The Curated House & Design Muse & The City Sage. Monday, December 3: Simply Grove & In Honor of Design. Tuesday, December 4: In My Own Style & This is Love Forever. Wednesday, December 5: Mom Inc. Daily & Knack Studios & This is Glamorous. Thursday, December 6: Justina Blakeney & Mint. Friday, December 7: The TomKat Studio & Down and Out Chic.



  • Laura Charles

    Could not resist and just treated myself for Christmas :)! Good luck with settling into your new home. Laura

  • Puddles & Price

    We agree! Nothing can ever replace the feel of a good book when you hold it. Some of our favs are the books that are all worn and tattered from all the use we’ve given them. A fresh new copy wouldn’t be the same!
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful photographs from the book. We truly love the post :)
    ~Sampson & Lorrie

  • Igor

    Thanks for a little peek into the new book! Gotta get it! Hugs!!!

  • Samantha Hahn

    yay! I love Holly. Thanks for the nice mention Ann.

  • Rachael Sparkfire

    I love these “lofty” designs. I plan on buying another apartment similar to those in NYC and these decorations make me want to have my own show on HGTV! Thanks for the inspiration :) xoxo, SParks