Holiday Shopping Date: The Stanford Shopping Center


Heads up. Here's a personal post in the vein of last week's. The thing is, I'm seeing someone: myself. My therapist (is it okay with you guys if I use that word here?) has assigned me the task of of going on actual dates with myself. So I've scheduled a shopping day for just me, myself, and I. We're gonna hit the Stanford Shopping Center when I travel north for some work.    


I have such fond memories of this place from when I was in college. It was my favorite escape, and I was a pro at enjoying myself on a dime. Trying on lipsticks at Neimans, sampling the cider at Williams Sonoma, finding ways to cross off everyone on my gift list without blowing my budget. It wasn't about spending a ton, it was about celebrating the sights, sounds, and hustle-bustle of the season. Tell me: Do you go on dates with just yourself? What do you call your 'me time'?

P.S. Thanks to the Stanford Shopping Center for sponsoring this post. They're such a pleasure to work with, those guys. Photos are from my Instagram.

  • Jamie

    I love this! I’m married but I still go on dates with myself all the time, as you put it. I think its important to be your own best company and to give yourself the time to be happy i the moment. I used to go for a run in Central Park, then walk down Madison Ave. No one to rush me along or tell me it was all a fantasy…

  • Ryann

    Amen to that Amelia Earhart quote!

  • joanna

    nice dots!

  • Annette

    Absolutely go on dates by yourself, go to restaurants by yourself, travel by yourself and do as much as you can by yourself! You’ll never learn who you really are and what you want out of life until you spend time with yourself without outside opinions and distractions. Besides, what does it say about ourselves if we can’t stand to be in our own company for any length of time?

  • Desiree

    You’re amazing Anne! I love this…

  • Sean

    I’ll be on my self-date at the artisanal fragrance counter, mb coffee l8r?

  • Michelle

    um, me and that sweater are making sweet sweet love together. Soon, real soon.

  • jasmine paredes

    what a perfect time to get to know yourself, the holiday season.
    i think i spend too much time with myself. it’s quite difficult to step outside of myself. perhaps i should talk to someone about it.

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    The City Sage: Holiday Shopping Date: The Stanford Shopping Center