Get Dressed: New Women’s Plaid from Taylor Stitch


Taylor Stitch is really something. Based in San Francisco, they've been revolutionizing menswear for a few years. The founders started with nothing more than a dream of crafting the best custom guys' shirts at a price no one could beat, and today they can outfit a chap from head to toe with their eyes closed. Now they've turned their attention to us gals. Meet Taylor Stitch women's plaids.  


I was especially excited to get my hands on one of these shirts (mine is the navy and orange) because, I've been coveting the Taylor Stitch men's shirts for ages. Every time I walked past their store in my old SF neighborhood, I'd pop in to say hello to the guys. Frankly, it was really an excuse to stroke the super soft materials and admire the rich colors of the hand-loomed cotton. 


As for my approach to styling the shirt, I went for a vintage 70's vibe with wide-legged Current Elliott jeans, then updated the look with a Chanel-inspired tweed blazer. I treated both the tweed and the plaid like neutrals—don't be afraid to mix and match as long as the tones are all in the same family! My Stanna bag from George, Gina and Lucy completed the look. Winter plaid for the win!  

Congrats to my buddies at Taylor Stitch on launching women's plaid! To celebrate, the boys are giving us ladies 15% off these shirts—the fit, fabric, colors, everything, really are sublime. Enter code CITYSAGE at checkout to receive your discount! Photos: Jen Emerling.


  • vintage market place

    I just love it.
    It is so refreshing to see gals actually getting dressed with style.
    I live in a land of ladies that wear black see thru spandex pants, that are meant to be leggings worn under something, to every event from work to the gym. If you try to even dress in real clothes here you get the craziest looks from girls.
    Aaah, to live some where that style still exists lucky you.

  • Chelsea C.

    Loving this whole look! I’m calling it FancyPlaid. :) Where’s the bag from?

  • sara

    completely love and completely jealous

  • Mary Beth Rust

    So many lovely things to look at!! Love it!

  • Rachael Sparkfire

    This is what I call a knockout outfit! Any woman SHOULD be caught dead wearing this in a city like NYC or art school! Thank you! Have a blessed day.

  • Nell

    Anne, this look is absolute perfection! And what is more important, it is so yours, so genuine!

  • Chloe Moon

    I have never really embraced plaid into my wardrobe…maybe I should start, this look is really cute & tres chic! =)

  • Pat Schneider

    Love the bag. Where did you find it? I looked on the site and they don’t seem to ship to the U.S.

  • Sean

    <3 you for embracing wide leg denim, I’m right there with ya! Also, OMG these pics are tooooo cute.

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    The City Sage: Get Dressed: New Women’s Plaid from Taylor Stitch

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    just click the following page

    The City Sage: Get Dressed: New Women’s Plaid from Taylor Stitch