Addiction: DSW Designer Shoe Sales


True story: At the DSW in New York’s Union Square, I once bought two pairs of Marc by Marc Jacobs heels for $60. Another time, at the DSW in San Francisco across from the Powell Street cable car stop, I snagged some pristine Gucci flats for $75. Both times I may or may not have elbowed another shopper on my way to get the goods. And yes, I tell my victory stories every time I wear the shoes. Because let’s face it girls, the tales of hunt are just as good as the spoils themselves.


Designer shoes are kinda my thing (and so are designer bags, designer jackets…if they made designer breakfast cereal I’d be all over that too…), and I’ve gotten so many ridiculous deals at DSW over the years that I fondly call them my enablers. The Prada desert booties I had my eye on are almost 50% off. I’m sending this link to Santa STAT. Tell me: What’s your best shoe battle story?


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  • joanna

    this is dangerous.