Cloud Parade: The Online Wedding Marketplace


This isn't news to anyone, but I absolutely love working with my colleagues in the wedding industry. From photographers and planners to bakers and florists, the energy and creativity that these folks bring to their endeavors is a constant source of inspiration to me. Now several of these folks have gotten together to launch a resource that captures that positive spirit. Meet Cloud Parade. 


Cloud Parade an online marketplace that gathers the best of everything you could imagine needing while designing your wedding, makes it searchable by style and color, lets you gather your finds in 'Clouds' so you can see them all at once, and then enables purchases right then and there. Imagine Pinterest and Etsy having a wedding baby and you've got Cloud Parade on your hands! 

But here's the thing: This is useful even if you're not planning a wedding. I still read wedding blogs years after my own because they're full of great style ideas, and here the curated selection of stationery, entertaining supplies, and accessories appeals for the same reason. Cloud Parade is for any of us planning birthday parties, Valentine's soirees, dinners for two…or just daydreaming on a cloud.

Images/Shopping Guide: Short Lace Dress, Mix 'n' Match Bow Ties, Pink Milk Glass Mixing Bowls, Star Headband, Crochet Doiley Garland, Mini Address Stamp, Pyrite Pendant, Little Black Dress.   

  • Uncle Beefy

    Um… LOVE! Can’t wait to give this baby a perusal! How nice that they thought to make something like this just for me. Right? 😉 xo UB