Wednesday Tune: Now Is The Start by A Fine Frenzy


Everyone needs an anthem. A song that you rally around when you're getting kicked in the proverbial pants of life. I'd always thought of anthems as needing a steady, marchable beat (once a band geek, always a band geek), but I checked Merriam-Webster and frankly the only requirement is that the song be rousing. The definition of 'rousing', you ask? To rouse = to stir up, to awake as if from slumber.  


If you're in the market for an anthem, boy howdy have I got one for you. If ever a song had anthem status written all over it, it's 'Now Is The Start' by A Fine Frenzy. The spirit and sentiment of this song is the very definition of rousing; it's about choosing to wake up to each day—each moment, each breath—as a new beginning. Or as songwriter Ali Sudol puts it, "to kiss with a mouth of shooting stars…"

Here are some recommended listening situations for Now Is The Start. 1) Kicking off that first workout after you've been on the couch since Thanksgiving. 2) Slogging through that zillionth workout when you've been going for weeks but jeez it still hurts. 3) Driving in the car on the way to your dream job interview. 4) Hiding under the covers when don't think you can go through the grind even one more day. 5) Watching your kids together the park. 6) Watching your mother and grandmother together in the park. 7) Relinquishing your longest held, most harmful habit. 8) Forgiving yourself for all those years you clung to that habit—just opening up and letting it all go. 9. Reading this post right now. Because truly, now the start. 

I'd love to know: Do you have an anthem, a song that always lifts your spirits? Share it here! All Images: A Fine Frenzy Instagram


  • Emily Proud

    This is such a great song! Thanks for sharing.

  • lydia {ever ours}

    i have quite a few.
    1. don’t rain on my parade by barbra streisand
    2. being good isn’t good enough by barbra streisand (notice a trend here?_
    3. don’t stop me now by queen (mainly because of this video: i almost have the dance memorized)

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    The City Sage: Tuesday Tune: Now Is The Start by A Fine Frenzy

  • Allison R.

    “Darlin’ Do Not Fear” by Brett Dennen. That’s my jam.