The Why We Love Photography Pop-Up Sale


Do you believe in angels? I do. I'd like to introduce you to two in my life. Their names are Kevin and Danielle Snelson, but they operate under the professional title The Why We Love Photography. They entered my life at midnight on March 1, 2012. I was standing in the middle of the street dissassembling a janky four poster IKEA bed so I could return it to the store. They didn't know me from Eve, but they spent two hours helping me wrangle stripped screws and disappearing Allen wrenches. We laughed our butts off the whole time. In the ten short months since then, we've worked together, played together, cried together. We are family.


Angels enact miracles everywhere they go, regardless of the trade they choose. Kevin and Danielle happen to be photographers, filmmakers, artists. Storytellers. Their vocabulary is the smile of a mother who gazes upon her newborn, the light in a bride's eyes when she looks up at her groom; their grammatical rules are the laws of love, nature, humanity. The remarkable aesthetic beauty of their work springs from the deep, soul-abiding spirit that Kevin and Danielle see in and share with the world.

I'm telling you these things now in particular because The Why We Love Photography is having a pop-up shop on 100 Layer Cake. I would recommend their wedding, elopement, engagement, and family photography on any day—but the fact that you can book them now at a huge discount is an incredible opportunity to invite these two into your life. I can't promise they'll let you crash at their house for three weeks while you look for a new apartment (they're still restocking their cereal supply from when they did that for me) but they will be the best investment you make in a long time. And I mean really, how often do you find angels for hire?  

More info on The Why We Love Photography and the special discount pricing at their 100 Layer Cake Pop-Up Shop. Some extra details that you won't find: Danielle loves stocking up on tank tops at Target, speaking in fake spy accents, and singing Mariah Carey badly. Kevin thinks that hotdog salad is a real food, that a gentleman always holds a door for a lady, and that he IS Ron Swanson.  

  • Katie

    That was just the sweetest write-up you could have given someone. It’s really remarkable the way chance meetings and relationships happen in our lives, isn’t it? Angels indeed.

  • Ella

    Sweet pictures. I’m moved by them. “We’ve worked together, played together, cried together. We are family.” Good.