Let’s Get This Apartment Train Moving!


It's time to get serious about furnishing my new apartment. I moved in mid-November and I still don't own a single chair or table. I know the effect I'd like when I'm done—here's a collection of images that convey the feeling—but as for the individual pieces I should select to create this tone-on-texture mix of wood, leather, brass, black and white? Well, I'm stuck in blank slate paralysis. But I'm excited to share the journey here with you all, because isn't that half the fun? Stay tuned, friends…

Images: My interiors Pinterest board.




  • http://www.chalkboardliving.com Tracey@chalkboard living

    good luck. It has taken me forever to finish my lounge and well…its still not finished! i think the deciding is half the fun! xo

  • Annette

    Since this is your first space alone, take your time. You might find that your tastes will evolve when you start adding things one piece at a time. In the long run, that will bring you greater joy as it will be truer to your own essence.

  • http://bgjournals.com/ mary @ B&Gjournals

    can’t wait to see you start nesting up your new home :)

  • http://www.APPLESandRUBIES.blogspot.com Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES)

    Anne- This month I am trying to bring an inspiration board to life! (it’s old school – I painted a piece of poster board my want-to-be-wall color and glued on images.)
    It’s getting there at my home. Can’t wait to see you vision evolve!

  • http://www.glittersgold.com Emily

    I’m liking where you’re heading with this, Anne! Can’t wait to see the process unfold. x

  • http://buttonsandbookends.blogspot.com Aimee G

    Those images are beautiful and no doubt your place is going to be gorgeous! Have fun and good luck – can’t wait to see it!

  • http://www.disregarden.com Jessica Taylor

    Don’t forget we have the chair for you! Now we just need to find the right fabric ;o))) xo

  • http://profile.typepad.com/stylediablo StyleDiablo

    I still lament the fact that my sister got my dad’s leather couch. Although my Ikea one doubles as a lovely bed when i fall asleep on it.

  • http://webebrave.blogspot.com Meg

    I JUST got my couch this weekend, a mere…four months after moving in? It’s a process that is hindered by money, changing aesthetics, fear of commitment, etc, but even the littlest movements toward home are so grounding and vital. I’ll be looking to you for inspiration.

  • http://www.tilde-design.com Denver Interior Designer

    Took me forever to find the perfect furniture for my apartment. Love these ideas though!