Shop Visit: Bakeri Brooklyn


Last fall I took three work trips to New York City. Most of my time was spent in meetings or at the computer. That is, other than the temperature and the time zone, life on the east coast was pretty much the same as it was on the west! But it's always necessary to squeeze in as much playtime as possible when on the road, and I was thrilled to meet with my friend Sean from the blog *fruitpunch.


I asked Sean to suggest a place for us to grab a bite, and he didn't hesitate in his reply: "Bakeri". Sure enough, this Brooklyn bakery was made for tête-à-têtes over tea and cakes—or in our case, pistachio cakes, peanut butter cookies, mini apple pies, brioche bread puddings, and chocolate chip scones. Yes, I have moderation issues when it comes to the bounty of the oven…   


But it was the holiday season. A snap of cold was in the air. I was being served by robust counter girls in 1940's-era Rosie the Riveter jumpsuits. Not only was Sean egging me on but so too was my dear pal Emily Johnston Anderson, who shot these photos. I cannot be blamed for my pastry excess. The point here is if you're in Brooklyn, go to Bakeri. Try a bit of everything. Blame me. I can handle it.

P.S. You really must read Sean's style blog *fruitpunch. It's so good. And follow his Twitter. Hilarious. Oh, and Emily's Instagram is such a gem.  

  • Sean

    These turned out so great! “Blame me. I can handle it.” So strong to take that bullett for the greater good 😉

  • Igor

    Love the pics, Anne!! You look rad!