Valentine’s Gifts: Home Decor from Baba Souk


Let's talk Valentine's Day. We either love it, or we love to hate it. I've always fallen into the latter camp. However, I think it's been due to sour grapes, 'cause nothing has ever lived up to those elementary school parties with heart cupcakes and paper bag mailboxes. So this year I've decided that come hell or high water, I'm going to make V-Day awesome for myself. And I'm starting at Baba Souk


Baba Souk is an online shop from Montreal (love me some Canadian compatriots!) with eclectic and exotic design gems. If you crave pompoms, wovens, one-of-a-kinds, and the handmade, it's so up your alley. The sensibility is a part Moroccan bazaar, part papercut collage, all fantabulous fun. In other words, it's exactly where I want to find myself come February 14th. Meet you there! 

Images: Baba Souk Pinterest. Shopping Guide: 1. Baskets with Tagine Tops 2. Yes Ma'am Poster 3. Origami Bird 4. Black Triangle Necklace 5. Origami Fox 6. Ceramic Tray and Pastel Bowls 7. 2013 Artsy Calendar 8. Moroccan Pillows  

  • stephanie @Babasouk

    Hell yes! Cupid’s arrow just hit! I’m feeling dizzy <3 Thanks for sending some love all the way to Montreal! xx

  • vintage market place

    i adore valentines day just for those reasons you listed the parties at school and we got carnations from secret admires…I still love carnations to this day and fill my home with them. It was such a sweet time and something I can’t wait to recreate for my own child!

  • AmyeToTheRescue!

    Really lovely!!!

  • Kate

    I love Baba Souk. Thanks for sharing!