Bathroom Design Finds with Fab


One of the trickiest things about living in a rental (holler if you feel me!) is decorating the bathroom. You can't just go in, rip out eyesores, install a chic sink, and call it a day. The small decor elements that serve as finishing touches in other rooms can transform a bathroom. Which is why I'm loving Fab. They're an unbeatable resource for everyday design products at killer prices—and with their vast selection I'm constantly discovering fun one-of-a-kinds to distract me from my linoleum situation.


At present I'm torn between two vibes for my bathroom. The first is a quirky industrial feel that will compliment the 1940's architecture of the apartment. Because Fab features vintage as well as new design products—their curated shop with architectural salvage studio Relique is killing me—they're a perfect marketplace for this look! I'm drawn to a worn step ladder as shelving, super soft Turkish towels, and colorful touches provided by antique science charts and Moonrise Kingdom-esque soaps.


But just as I settle on Plan A, my mind turns to Plan B: a playful spa sensibility grounded in modern lines and a clean white-on-wood palette. A bamboo towel rack would solve my space conundrum, while this Rifle Paper Co. print that I've had my eye on for a while is available for a seriously tempting price. Of course whichever route I go, this adorable llama box is a must. Looking at him makes me smile, which is more than I can say for the baby blue tile in my shower 😉

Shopping Guide: 1. Science Illustration Moth Print 2. Striped Turkish Towel 3. Industrial Copper Pendant Lamp 4. Vintage Metal Step Ladder 5. Utilitarian Soap Set 6. Vintage Leather Suitcase 7. Bamboo Spa Bench 8. Rifle Paper Co. Citrus Print 9. Pantone Universe White Cup 10. Wood Llama Box 11. Refurbished Vintage Dock Lamp All products found on Fab. Images: My interior design Pinterest.

  • mary @ B&G JOURNALS

    look at that wooden llama! ridiculous and awesome all at once.

  • Zoe Alexander

    I love light and airy spaces. Great findings. I’m sure when you move into your own home you’ll have a magnificent bathroom!
    Zoe xxx

  • Stone Superstore

    I really like the vintage design bathrooms. They have lots of character without being over powering. I hope you’re happy with whichever you choose.