Etsy Is My Kryptonite: The White Pepper Vintage


Tonight I had one of those 'Oh my goodness if I don't order that brass turtle right this very second, surely some other savvy shopper will snap it up from under my nose and my life will be incomplete forever' moments. As often is the case in these instances, the panic passed as quickly as it arose when I remembered that I'm a girl on a budget, so I consoled myself by creating a collage of my favorite items from this darling vintage shop on Etsy. It's called The White Pepper, and it has me over the moon!


All the hits are here: curios and collectibles, books pre-organized by color, so-tacky-they're-terrific needlepoint creations, and larger items like shelving units and chairs. Styles vary slightly from Danish Modern to Atomic but all hover above that Midcentury sweet spot. Won't someone do me a favor and give this turtle a good home for me? He looks like he could use some love, wouldn't you agree?

All images from The White Pepper on Etsy.

  • Maiah

    Such a lovely find – thanks for sharing!