On the Hunt: The Best Spring Sneakers


You guys. We need to talk. What's up with sneakers? I feel over my head. Suddenly it's not enough to throw on a pair of Chuck Taylors. Women are dropping major money on 'athleisure' shoes, and while I'm accustomed to the idea of investing in footwear that makes my legs look like a million bucks, I'm not sure what to do with the notion of $700 for wedge gum soles—or their legions of knockoffs.


Here's an ugly truth. Part of me is bitter that I didn't get in on the trend at the beginning. If you'd handed me a pair of these a year ago and said, 'Wear 'em. You'll feel ridiculous but you'll be so cool in six months,' I'd have gone for it. However the other part of me genuinely would like an alternative to sandals and ballet flats this spring. It's just a question of how far down this rabbit hole do we go? 


Here's my criteria: With all the textures, colors, and prints out there now, I'd like to step beyond my comfort zone of plain white without going too crazy. Perhaps I'm bold enough to risk a hi-top if the fit isn't chunkifying? And although I'd happily wear a pair of Lanvin sneaks if they mysteriously landed in my closet, I simply can't justify spending a ton. Tell me—are you traveling to sneaker town this Spring?

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  • aimee tietze adams

    I’m N synch with ya today Miss Anne, wearing my pink lowtop Golas! I may have just gone to the doc + rounded some errands, but seeing your pink golas affirmed my esteem’s need to feel in touch. Thanks!

  • http://myvintagemarketplace.blogspot.com/ Amy

    oh I LOVE that first look!!!
    So sweet and tough

  • http://www.ever-ours.com lydia {ever ours}

    let’s go shopping for spring sneakers. confession: i don’t even own a pair of chucks!

  • Mary

    I like the red pair.

  • http://apatchofshade.blogspot.com cynthia

    I saw some cute Converse ones at Marimekko the other day in NYC.
    Here’s a link:

  • http://madebygirl.blogspot.com JEN RAMOS

    I know what you mean. i tend to ump on trends after the fact, oh well, as long as i like it. But i really do want a pair of isabel marant kicks…but the price has be double thinking, can i justify it? weird on a hand bag im like yea, on sneakers, i havent crossed that line yet… i do have the steve maddens and they are super nice and comfortable!

  • http://www.blogcurator.blogspot.com dervla @ The Curator

    this is going to be boring but i’ve got my same old blue pair of converse that i’ll break out spring after spring. I will say that i’d love a colorful pair to add to my collection – maybe New Balance?

  • http://www.cheetahisthenewblack.com Alicia

    I walk everywhere in New York so I absolutely am on the sneaker trend and also think spending more on comfy ones is a must (ie: my Isabel Marants which are all I want to wear these days). I’d rather spend money on sneaks than a pair of heels that I won’t wear nearly as often.

  • kathy

    hello, I’m a little late to finding this post, but was wondering if you could tell me the brand of the beige sneakers you have pictures in the upper left corner? I have fallen in love with them…
    thanks! kathy