The Best Instagram Viewer: A First Look at WideAngle App


Is there an app for being app-phobic? 'Cause I could definitely use it. Lately it seems as though it's 'apps this' and 'apps that', but I myself download very few. My digital world is cluttered enough as it is! So when the founders of WideAngle asked me to test their new photo sharing app, I was hesistant. Then they 'splained me. WideAngle is the first app that lets you to view all your photos from Facebook, Instagram and Apple devices in a single place. So really, it's about making things less cluttered.   

Best instagram viewer wideangle app

WideAngle isn't just photo sharing, though. As I played around, I fell in love. Big-time nerd love. You can select photos from your feed, drag and drop them to your camera roll, show only certain friends at a time, remix images into sets by location, people, date and more…and I'm still discovering new features every time I use it. Plus because WideAngle is still in development mode, the team encourages feedback with a one-touch form for suggestions, ideas, and troubleshooting. It feels very cool to be a part of this truly useful tech-in-progress. Maybe I'm not so app-phobic after all…

It's your guys' turn! WideAngle is now live in the iTunes store and they'd like to invite you to take a Friends & Family first look for free before it officially launches on March 28. As part of this first look they'd really appreciate your feedback on how you like WideAngle and what you think they can do to improve. Finally, I'm obligated to disclose that I received payment for my review of WideAngle, but as always, I never share things with you guys that I don't truly believe in. 

  • Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors

    I knew you would give us some help with *instagram!* I am going to be out in LA. a lot come late Spring early Summer.
    I would love to see you. ox, m

  • erin @ pocket stylist

    Hmm I think I must try it out. Thaks Anne

  • jenny

    So strange. I followed the links on your blog to WideAngle page on iTunes Store, but when searching for it on my phone in the AppStore, nothing appears. :( I hope this is fixed soon.. it looks like a great app!

  • Erin

    Being a photo junkie and self professed instagram addict, I’m excited to try this new app. Thanks for sharing!

  • giulia

    it looks amazing! even thought that might actually be because you took such beautiful photos of it :)

  • WideAngle_Kort

    @Jenny Thanks for checking it out! The iPhone version of WideAngle will be out soon!