Modern Rustic Restaurant Decor: Bestia Los Angeles

Bestia los angeles restaurant

I'm not known for my spontaneity around food. I'm the girl who makes a giant pot of soup on Sunday and eats it every night for the rest of the week, the girl who plans her order in advance of trying a new restaurant, the girl who has tried the very safe (read: very boring) grilled chicken salad at every spot in town. So when some friends invited me to an impromptu meal at the new LA restaurant Bestia, I said no twice before I said yes. After all, I hadn't vetted the menu! 

Modern rustic restaurant design

When I arrived, the head of our party had already ordered for the table—major anxiety for a control freak like me. But then course after course magically appeared. We chattered non-stop as we dined family-style on veggies seasoned and sauteed to perfection, house-cured meats that melted on my tongue, cocktails that delighted even the professed non-drinkers amongst us. If this is what spontaneity tastes like, I'll be the first to admit I've been missing out.   

Modern rustic entertaining table

But even before I took a single bite I'd noticed my surroundings. The decor at Bestia walks the line between urban and rustic with long plank tables, glass and metal pendants, textured linens, and touches of red throughout. Dinnerware is gimmick-free to let food and friends take center stage. My eyes left feeling as satisfied as my tummy and my heart. The moral of this story? Next time I receive a last-minute invitation anywhere, I'm going to drop what I'm doing and take it!  

Shopping Guide: 1. Striped Linen Tablecloth 2. Glass Carafe 3. Red Metal Bar Stool 4. Brass Pendant Lamps 5. Maple Serving Board. Thanks to Bonnie Tsang for letting me use her gorgeous photos of the evening, to Tara and Matt of Heirloom LA for hosting, and to Josh Leskar and Ted and Angie of Poketo for rounding things out with their laughter. This was my best night in LA since moving here—if you come to town you must go to Bestia!