Lately Loving: Leather Accessories from Stitch & Hammer

Rustic and leather

Aside from the occasional letter to Prince William (hey, I was 12 and in love) I try to keep my stalker fan-dom to a minimum. But every so often someone comes along whose very aura convinces me that even though I don't know them now, we were obviously best friends in a past life and it's only a matter of time until we are reunited so we can hold hands and skip off into the sunset. Right now, that someone is Amy Tremper, the founder, designer, and maker at Stitch & Hammer.

Canvas and leather tote

Stitch & Hammer is a leather goods company based in Boulder, Colorado. Every piece is handmade in the workshop that Amy and her husband Ben built themselves. They source their materials from fellow small business owners. The pride, care, and satisfaction that Amy and Ben take from their craft exudes from everything they produce, from the bags and wallets themselves to the words and images on the Stitch & Hammer website. 

Striped denim apron

But our shared affinity for soul-grounding values delivered in a stylish package is not the only reason I'm clearly past life besties with Amy. The Stitch & Hammer Instagram feed is a love letter to my eyes, heart, and mind. It offers up images of her studio and process, plus snapshots of Amy and Ben's travels and daily life. Knowing that people like Ben and Amy exist in this world both calms and inspires me. Knowing that by purchasing a little piece of their dream I can help them further their pursuit of it? Well. That seals the friendship most of all.

Images: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6. Stitch & Hammer Instagram  3. Ben Tremper Instagram

  • Igor

    Fabulous! Love the raw look! Reminds me of Wood & Faulk.

  • Courtney K

    Just another sign that you need to come visit Colorado!

  • Erin @ pocket stylist

    Oh Anne me too!! Loving leather

  • Anne

    Love the rustic look of these pieces.