Would You Wear Distressed Denim?

Distressed denim for spring

I remember the day I realized that a rip in my pants could be a good thing. It was the eighth grade—the height of grunge—and suddenly it was cool not to replace my jeans in spite of their increasingly shredded knees. Distressed denim has come and gone on the scene since then, but it's always had a place in my heart. So I've been tickled that it's having another moment this season.

How to wear distressed denim

But oh my. Maybe I'm getting old. This year's iteration of the look takes worn-in to a whole other level, and I can't help but wonder, 'Would you like some jeans with those holes?' We're not talking a frayed edge here or a rough patch there. We're talking washes with names like 'destroyed' and 'trash'. They look cute with a slouchy sweater on the weekend. But as high fashion? My jury is still out.  

Best distressed denim

Then there's the matter of cost. The more ragged the jeans, the more precious the price. I get it—many labels hand-detail their denim for that time-loved finish. However the last time I checked, $300 was a lot to pay for an item that looks like I found it in an abandoned parking lot and ran my car over it a few hundred times. (I do sound crotchety, don't I?) Okay. Clearly I have a bad case of sour grapes. The jury's back. Those pink boyfriends with light distressing are adorbs. I'd wear them. End of story.

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  • Pat Schneider

    I know I’m showing my age but distressed denim is so silly. Why spend good money on it?