Vintage French Decor from Elsie Green House and Home

Modern french country decor

Sometimes I reach a point when assembling a blog post at which I've gathered my images, I must write something, and all I want to say is: 'You guys, come on. I've nothing to add here. These photos speak for themselves!' Such is the case with Elsie Green, an online store that sells incredible home wares that happen to be only vintage or made from sustainable or reclaimed materials. 

French country decor

So I guess a few additional words couldn't go amiss, huh? Elsie Green is run by a family in Northern California. Their exquisite vintage home decor is sourced in the US and Europe (according their site, "Not making something new is the greenest thing of all…"), while the new handmade goods support the livelihoods of artisans largely in their local area. Plus, the founders' commitment to operational sustainability astounds me. They're a 100% paperless business; all of their shipments are carbon neutral; and products are transported with the minimum packaging that insures safe arrival.  

French country vintage

But the folks at Elsie Green know that we're fickle creatures—and no matter how environmentally responsible something is, we won't bring it home if it doesn't tickle our fancy. So the French linens promise supreme softness, the beeswax birthday candles will burn extra brightly, the small batch soap cannot help but leave your skin radiant as you set out to save the planet, one bath at a time. So I guess what I'm saying is that their products, like their catalog images, really do speak for themselves.

Shopping Guide: 1. Liberty Napkins 2. Bamboo Toothbrushes 3. Vintage Basket of Linens 4. Marfa Soap 5. Ceramic Carafe 6. Cozy Linen Chair 7. Reclaimed Wood Dining Table 8. Pretty Little Salt Cellar 9. Beeswax Birthday Candles 10. Set of Pretty Kitchen Spoons 11. Vintage Bistro Table 12. Vintage Basket Pendant Light

  • Lisa

    Wow, each item is more beautiful than the next. And I love the mission of the company and their focus on products that are beautiful and don’t further damage our environment.

  • rita

    love love love this site – so excited to peruse . thanks for the introduction!

  • Marjory

    Reclaimed, recycled, earth-loving. Beautiful!

  • Richard

    Wonderful pieces. Found your blog via a search for Julia Bird. You’ve got great things.

  • Anne

    Love the ceramic carafes.

  • Karen Judge

    SO pretty….