White and Gold Ceramics from Honeycomb Studio

White ceramic vases

In my ongoing quest to feather my nest with all things delicate, white, and ceramic, I have stumbled upon an Atlanta-based artist who has stolen both my heart and my self-admittedly snobbish discerning eye. Meet Honeycomb Studio, which specializes in 'small scale porcelain sculptures'. Ever since I added this sweet copper-ringed apothecary bottle to my knickknack shelf, I have a serious 'collect them all!' situation on my hands.

White and gold vases

The thing is, I wasn't going to pull the trigger; I've been curbing my spending of late. Instead, I tweeted about that polka dot charmer to get the urge out of my system. I didn't tag the shop in my tweet—yet Honeycomb sculptor still Courtney responded. After several back-and-forths about the wonders of the Internet, I was sold. Now I felt compelled to support Courtney and her art.  

Porcelain antler

In addition to the porcelain bottles I plan to amass like the grown-up version of Happy Meal toys, Honeycomb Studio also casts these antlers from horns that have fallen in the woods during the animals' natural shedding process. As Courtney explains, they bring the 'architectural element of a deer antler into your home without the taxidermy “ick factor”'. Plus that metallic accent? It's the extra special touch that marks everything Honeycomb does. And that, my friends, is how you justify shopping addiction artist patronage!

Shopping Guide: 1. White & Copper Porcelain Apothecary Bottle 2. Speckled and Copper Apothecary Bottle 3. Carved Porcelain Bitters Bottle with Gold Rim 4. Apothecary Bottle with Gold Polka Dots 5. Porcelain Apothecary Bottle with Gold Cross 6. Porcelain and Metallic Deer Antler

  • http://www.happyinteriorblog.com Igor

    Beautiful decor items! Love the gold effect:-)

  • http://www.adasinteriordesign.com/blog Ada (new york)

    Oooh my … I’m smitten by the purity of the white and the bling of the gold = must have. I looove the middle stripe vase and anything gold dipped., maybe instead of buying the horn decor, I can gold-dip tree branches / twigs …. or just buy the horn 😉

  • http://thisfruitblogs.com Sean

    um I love these and need to decorate my desk, thanks for the rec!!