DODOnotes: It’s an iPhone Case and a Notebook!

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Here's the funniest darn thing. In spite of all the tech that surrounds us, that indeed we're dependent upon each and every day, I simply cannot relinquish my great and everlasting love of the trusty pencil and paper. For example, I never use the notes function on my phone, choosing instead to "keep organized" with to-do lists on scraps, napkins, and index cards scattered about the house. As you might imagine, this system is not without its hazards.

Dodocase dodo notes iphone case

So I adore this sweet, savvy solution for traditionalist technophiles like me. Meet DODOnotes, the first ever iPhone compatible notebook! A collaboration between San Francisco's DODOcase—they protect modern devices using the historied art of bookbinding—and Mohawk Fine Paper, this tiny gem keeps your newfangled and your old-fashioned all in once place. Plus hello conversation starter!     

Dodonotes iphone notebook

The first thing I did when I got this iPhone case into my hot little hands was smell the paper. Because that's what you do with a new book, right? Then I felt all up in its business to inspect the stitching and binding. Finally, I wrote my name and social media handles into the designated spaces. The satisfaction was so nostalgic, like getting new school supplies back in the third grade. You know, if I'd had email and Twitter back in those days…

  • Sammy

    Only the greatest invention ever……. I need to get my paws on this!

  • lydia {ever ours}

    p.s. i like to buy my books on their smell too.

  • B

    Is that a crack on your screen? (Assuming it occurred before this new case 😉 ).