Palette Inspiration: Summer Berries

Summer berry palette

It happens every year. It starts as a trickle, increases to a steady flow, then bursts into a deluge until you don't know what to do, you have no choice, you simply must give in. There is no alternative but to devour all the berries. Yes, I'm talking about the joy that is berry season. Have your market stalls overflowed with plump specimens of the blue-, rasp-, straw-, and black- variety? Are your fingertips as stained with their juices as mine? Would you eat yourself sick off berries if given the chance?

Summer berry inspiration

Berries promise a pretty face as well as a sweet taste. They're the gems of the grocery store this time of year, their vibrant hues and glossy, radiant skins screaming, 'Take me home! Don't hide me in the fridge! Put me in a white ceramic collander and display me on the counter for all to see!' And really, who amongst us can ignore such persuasive advice from fruit so innocent and well-meaning. Not I.

Moody berry palette

So after the season has passed, I still long for the deep blues, vivid magentas, and rich reds of the berry bowl. The seem to hum and vibrate with life, and when combined they evoke the power of the sun and sky and earth all at once. Am I getting a too esoteric? Perhaps. But you guys. Strawberries were two pints for $5 and I just ate them in one sitting. I'm not thinking too clearly here…I simply love berries! 

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