Buying Wall Art: The Best Typography Prints

Gallery wall

What did you want to be when you were a kid? When The Grownups asked me that question I always replied with a firm, clear response: 'I'm going to be an author'. Today I make my living in a field that employs many forms of communication, but the verbal arena is where I'm most comfortable—and it's also where I shine most brightly. So it comes as no surprise that have a soft spot for art that incorporates language. After all, words are where I'm a Viking.

Typography art

I've been busily bookmarking prints that make great use of typography as I start to think about how I'd like to decorate the walls of my Los Angeles apartment. Whether you incorporate one or two of these wordy works into a gallery wall or use a single piece for impact, they make a brilliant alternative to a framed poster or painting that is simply visual in nature. 

Best typography posters

A few favorites are included here, but this round-up just scratches the tip of the iceberg! I'm partial to the prints that make me smile. We all have that friend who goes ALL CAPS on us when texting, or the buddy who first sent us the link to Sweet Georgia Brown's 'Ain't Nobody Got Time For That' Youtube Video. Why not buy a second poster while you're at it and thank these pals for the laughter they've brought to your life? After all, words are important but actions count for a whole lot more!

Shopping Guide: Love Love Me Do Print, If Not Now Then When Print, I Like You & I Love You Print, Ain't Nobody Got Time For That Print, Hegel Passion Quote Print, Don't Make Me Go All Caps On You Print. Images: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

  • Jessica

    Love these! Great picks.

  • Jana Bek

    Hi Anne, this is a fantastic post! Please advise who makes the fantastic blue/denimy striped rug!