Palette Inspiration: Dusty Rose

Rose decor accents

I've always had a soft spot for rose. Not just the flowers—though remember how much I love those too?—but also that washed-out shade of pink that had a heyday in the late 80's? Come to think of it, my childhood bedroom featured Laura Ashley wallpaper in that very hue. (I helped my mom pick it out! It complemented my curlicue wrought iron bed!) While I wouldn't decorate an entire room around the color now, it does seem to be having a modern moment. 

Breezy bedroom inspiration

Rose is the perfect option for those amongst us who'd like to take a dip in the color pool without the fear of being caught in the undertow. It's soft, subtle, gentle, and soothing, like a warm hug from an old friend. Also like a trusted pal, it plays well with others, mixing easily with hues ranging from cherry red to midnight blue, desert sienna to heather grey. 

Rose decor inspiration

All you need is one or two pieces to welcome rose into your home. A pillow here, a ceramic serving bowl there. If your significant other is reluctant about pink (as so many often are!) opt for incarnations of rose that have either more apricot or more terracotta undertones. That way, even though we know it's in the pink family, at least you'll be able to make a case otherwise. You guys, I think we've finally found our happy medium color!

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  • Rose

    We just used this palette for our bathroom! Love love this! :)

  • Erin

    I love this dusty rose color palette. It’s such a great Summer accent color!
    xx Erin

  • Julia

    I love those birch stumps for tables. So simple and elegant
    Lemon Stripes