Exotic Travel Inspiration: Where Would You Go?

Exotic travel inspiration

I've always been highly suggestible. Put me in front of a candy display, and I'll crave M&M's. Show me a photo of Twiggy, and I'll phone the salon for a pixie cut. Along those lines, I'm generally quite happy with the Los Angeles weather. Yet take a heat wave like the one we're having currently, add a few photos of faraway places, and you'll find me dreaming of a breezy, distant retreat.

Travel inspiration

When that mood hits as it has now, I play one of my favorite games and ask myself, "Pop Quiz: If you could be transported in the world this very minute minute, where would it be?" Right now my answer lies on a beach along the Meditteranean coast. It involves Turkish towels and straw tote bags, striped umbrellas above my head and sun-baked sand between my toes. I told you I was suggestible! 

Travel accessories

In lieu of actually hopping a plane, I envisioned what I'd pack for my journey—and the souvenirs I'd pick up along the way! But what I really want to know is your answer to my pop quiz. So tell me. You have ten days to spend traipsing (or lounging) anywhere on earth. What's your destination?

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  • http://www.shamila.com Shamila

    Island hopping between Bora Bora and Tahiti. I just learned that it is a mere 8 hour flight from LAX. Oh dear. Plus that gray, gauzy tunic on your collage is so coming along with me. I am such a sucker for sunshine and tunics.

  • Pat

    Actually, on Saturday I go to the beach for 3 weeks, the same beach I’ve been going to for almost 60 years. Not fancy but comfortable. Nothing beats watching the water no matter what the weather.

  • Claire

    Argentina, Spain or South-Eastern Asia! Beaches, exotic foods(especially the fruits!),dancing and wildlife abound

  • http://standardofgrace.net/ Kristina

    Those pictures are too pretty!
    I’m dying to visit Iceland. I’m obsessively looking up pictures, travel ideas and such. Some time soon it has to happen.
    I’ve also really been obsessed with Africa. I’ve been last summer and it wasn’t the greatest experience, but I’m giving it one more try this summer. 7 weeks of Tanzania ahead. -takes deep breath- this should be interesting 😉

  • http://www.thegirlwhoknows.com Stephanie

    I’m with you. I’ve been craving a trip to the Meditteranean too lately. I’d love to see Greece. Try the luscious food and soak in the sun and sea.
    I’d also like to go to Paris. I’ve never been and it’s calling to me. :)

  • http://leblogdelacurieuse.blogspot.fr/ Alexandra

    Bali maybe, since I’ve seen some pictures it’s an idea. Even if I’m not fancy of Asian culture, it could be a beautiful trip.
    Or maybe one of my 2 favourites places : London or Portugal.