Getaway Luggage: The Best Weekender Bags

Weekender bags

In the world of luggage there is one style that every sophisticated gal must have in her rotation. The weekender—so called because you should be able to pack everything you need for a two-night getaway into it—is my most frequently used accessory aside from my everyday work tote. It's is the bag I use for airplane carry-on, gym clothes, flea market finds, and anything else that requires a roomy sack.

Best weekender bags

And there are so many good ones out there right now! I'm drawn to styles with a functional feel and a fashionable twist. A leather trim here, a stripe or two there there, or an unexpected sense of scale and proportion suit me just fine. Plus it can't be too precious. I need to be able to throw my weekender on the ground, mess it up a little. Because who wants to worry about scuff marks on your days off?

P.S. Let's be real. A girl needs SO much more stuff than will fit into this tiny bag for a weekend away! Shopping Guide: 1. Leon + Bella Tote 2. Patkas Giant Tote 3. Deux Lux Striped Weekender 4. Mark & Graham Canvas with Leather Weekender 5. Clare Vivier Leather Weekender 6. Everlane Weekender Images: 1. 2. 3. 4

  • Bonnie

    These are all so gorgeous!

  • Jessica

    You’ll also have to check out I have one of their leather duffle bags and use it for all vacations over the last two years. It holds up beautifully.

  • amber

    I’ve been eyeing the Everlane Weekender, but SERIOUSLY love Image #3 above. Too bad I can’t find where it’s from.
    I’ve historically stayed away from duffels, but you may have pushed me over the edge to trying one!

  • Margarita Law

    I love all of them!!! I wish I can have them all. Bags are just so my weakness. I can sacrifice my snacks and dinner for them. It may sound funny but, that’s what I do to save my money to buy the bag I love. I wonder how much each of those bags cost?