Natural Skincare from S.W. Basics

S.w. basics sugar scrub

When skincare company S.W. Basics asked me last spring to try their line, I was hesitant. I'm very careful about receiving gifted items in exchange for blogging—it's an integrity thing. But I was intrigued by their philosophy of ultra-simple, all-natural skincare, so I agreed to sample the collection with the understanding that I would only share it with you guys if I really loved it Well. Two months later these half-full bottles stand in testament to exactly how hard I've fallen.

S.w. basics natural skincare

The other products in my medicine cabinet feel rejected because I've been using S.W. Basics almost exclusively. The cream lives tubside for post-shower slathering, the toner wipes away all traces of the day, and the makeup remover miraculously doubles as a moisturizer that doesn't aggravate my breakout-prone complexion. I like knowing that my finicky skin is being pampered by as few ingredients as possible, and I like looking at the clever packaging in my bathroom. As I watch my supply dwindle I know with certainty that I'll be buying replacements. S.W. Basics is just that good!   

Thanks to S.W. Basics for the gifted products. You've got a loyal fan!