Summer Beauty: Best Face and Body Oils

Simple summer beauty

Since January I've been working with a holistic nutritionist to improve my overall health. One of the biggest changes we've made has been to increase my fat intake. For years I viewed fat as the enemy, and I've loved having not just permission but a prescription to incorporate this vital nutrient into my life. After seeing the positive effects of piling my plate with avocado, butter, coconut, and more, I wondered what would happen if I slathered my skin with healthy oils too. Result? Talk about glowing!   

Best face oils

Lucky for me, beauty oils are having a moment, so there've been plenty of options to sample. Favorites include the latest from Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics, a Vitamin B Cleansing Oil that exfoliates with fruit enzymes and smells like a tropical vacation; and Royally Flawless Facial Oil, which my favorite natural beauty blogger mixes up at home and sells on Etsy. In the short time I've been using them, these products have gently done everything from clear up my blemishes to decrease the fine lines that had begun to form on my forehead. Now that I've gone fat I'm never going back!

Shopping Guide: 1. One Love Organics Vitamin B Active Moisture Cleansing Oil 2. Boots Botanics Organic Facial Oil 3. Crunchy Betty's Royally Flawless Facial Oil 4. Sachajuan Intensive Hair Oil 5. Acure Seriously Firming Facial Serum 6. Jurlique Love Balm 7. Davines Oi/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion 8. Cinq Mondes Huile Sublime Body Oil Images: 1. 2. The Why We Love Photography 3. 4. 5.

  • Suzanne LeRoux

    Yes, I have been eating more fats for several years now and I feel much better as well. Who knew, right? I love to make organic coconut oil chicken soup. It is so delicious and beautifying. And yes to beauty oils. I am SO excited that you are enjoying our new cleansing oil. – Suzanne

  • tianna @ the spark

    I’ve always been apprehensive about the whole oil cleansing thing, but have always wanted to try it. May have to give one of these a try. :)

  • Tradlands

    You and your recent pics have looked so amazing lately, I’ve definitely noticed.
    Fats and oils normally scare me but I’ve seen similar conversations pop up lately about how women are loving them. I’ve been using Moroccan oil on my hair for years and think it’s the absolute best.

  • Anna

    Anne, I have been using Burt’s Bees Mama Bee oil to lightly pat on my face instead of moisturizer… Can’t believe how cost effective the oils are in addition to their benefits.

  • Anne Cavan

    I have been using straight olive oil to cleanse and moisturize with, (sometimes mixed with a little essential ol) for 2 years now and my skin is fantastic! I have recently read that bran oil is very good as well.
    I also use coconut oil in my hair. I was a dedicated Clarins user and have now saved a fortune as well as have great skin!