How To: Dress Like a Tomboy with Tradlands

Tomboy style

The word 'tomboy' makes me giggle. It's super old (been around since the 1500's!) and I adore the freedom inherent to its gender bending implications. Tomboys are playful, spirited, and sassy—exactly the characteristics I'd like to think make me fun to be around. And while I'm neither distinctly feminine nor masculine in my everyday dress, sometimes it is fun to play up my inner tomboy once in a while.

Summer tomboy style

That's where this shirt from Tradlands comes in. Made by hand in San Francisco, the label is for all of us girls who have ever put on our dad's shirts and wished for a version of our own. The cut is narrow in all the right places and generous everywhere else, the fabric is ultrasoft with a flattering drape, and the punchy pink polka dot makes me smile when I see it hanging in my closet.   

Distressed oxfords

As for the rest of the outfit, on this occasion I went pretty basic with kicky oxfords by N.D.C, vintage Levi's cutoffs, and a classic Timex Weekender watch. 'Cause a tomboy's gotta be able to move around, you know? But I've worn this shirt with bright red jeans, with full skirts, with black leather shorts, with whatever suited my mood. Maybe that's the mark of a true tomboy: following your heart's desire!

P.S. My Tradlands shirt is from their spring season; stay tuned to their website and Instagram for the upcoming fall collection! Image Credits: The inimitable Woodnote Photography