On Repeat: ‘Army’ by Boy

Girl gang

It's been a little while since I posted about music, so I thought I'd share a song from an artist that I've become especially fond of over the course of the summer. Boy is a Swiss/German female duo with a bright, breezy sound and cheeky, reflective lyrics. Their debut album Mutual Friends goes down sweet and smooth from start to finish, with songs like 'This Is The Beginning' and 'Waitress' providing addictive singalong material. But it's the album's third track, 'Army', that really has me hooked. 


The song goes straight to my heart. Simply put, it's an ode to the people in your life on whom you can rely without question, who listen ceaselessly no matter how many times you repeat the old jokes and tired greivances, who rally 'round to lift you up when you're down—or raise you higher when you're already floating on air. In other words, your army. My favorite lyric? "I'm alright on my own, but with them I'm much better. They're like diamonds, and diamonds are forever."

I love this metaphor of the personal army. With getting older seems to come the process of identifying exactly who will face the front lines with you and who go AWOL at the first sign of danger. I'm blessed to have some extremely loyal soldiers in my camp who have cleaned a lot of latrines with me so far this year. So maybe do me a favor after you listen to this song? Think about who's in your army, then get in touch right now and tell them how grateful you are. Because if we have to shovel shit, it's best to be knee deep in it together. 

P.S. More singing gals to check out: Haim and Dominique Pruitt. Images: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5

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    this post made me smile : ) love your line “Because if we have to shovel shit, it’s best to be knee deep in it together.” i sure do feel the same way!