Hair Tutorial: Easy + Pretty Updo

When it comes to hair, my attempts at anything more than a ponytail or topknot leave me feeling frustrated and looking ridiculous (and I’ve got the high school yearbook pics to prove it). But as elaborate braids and buns have gained popularity, I’ve longed to go beyond the basic. So I asked Heidi Marie Garrett of 1011 Makeup to help me create a tutorial for this simple yet stunning updo.

Simple + pretty updo tutorial

Divide hair into three sections and make a ponytail from the center section using a Goody Ouchless Elastic. Make a low bun from the ponytail and secure using a Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin. Separate the left section into two equal parts. Roll and twist the piece of hair that is closer to the bun up and over the bun. Fasten with another Spin Pin. Roll and twist the piece of hair that is farther from the bun into place beneath the bun. Pin, then repeat steps with the hair that remains on the right, leaving pieces framing the face as desired.

Soft + pretty updo

My hair is naturally straight and ultra fine, so before styling we added a few hot iron curls for texture. However, this style would work on any hair type. Those innocent-looking Spin Pins can do some serious heavy lifting—I’ve converted my friends with even the thickest and most unruly locks. As for the time commitment to get the look? Less than fifteen minutes, start to finish!

Grecian inspired updo

Once we put my hair up and Danielle from The Why We Love took these photos, I never wanted to take it down. I floated through the rest of my day feeling prettier than I have in ages! Next time I’m feeling adventurous I might try a variation with braids. Or place the ‘do off-center. Or tuck a fun accessory into it. Could my plain ponytail be a thing of the past?

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  • Gude @HodgePodgeCraft

    Genius – thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Chelsea Ward

    Such a lovely up do! I’m going to have to try this, I’m pretty lazy with my curls so I’m always looking for easy styles that look snazzy. Probably should track down some of those spin pins as well… I love that white blouse too!

  • Erin

    Love this tutorial! You look absolutely stunning and the hair is perfection.
    xx Erin

  • Regan

    I tried this today. Seems like it might take a little practice to perfect, but it sure does make my new vintage earrings look good!
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  • amy

    darling. thanks for sharing!

  • Angela Brown

    So pretty! I love this!! This works for so many different occasions.

  • Mindy Moody

    Did you use five spin pins total? Looks great and can’t wait to try!

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