Coming Soon: Meet Clementine Daily!

Clementine daily

Last spring I received an email from Design for Mankind founder Erin Loechner. 'I'm planning a new site,' she told me, and she wanted me to be involved. 'What would it take for you to say yes?' The question contained the answer; because from the moment I met Erin years ago, I knew I'd jump at the chance to be a part of her world if she asked. Not only are her spirit and enthusiasm infectious, but she's one of the smartest women I know. So I agreed to be the Home Editor for Clementine Daily, an online destination that balances the desire to live beautifully with all that is "realistic and honest and true-to-life". 

With Erin leading the way, AmandaJoannaHilaryElizabethJuliaMelissa, and I have spent the summer helping lay the foundation for a site devoted to 'inspiration, rather than aspiration'. I'm honored to be a part of this powerhouse team, and I know that when Clementine Daily launches next month, its content and philsophy will resonate deeply. You can read about Erin's vision here, subscribe for updates here, and I'll see you all in September. Have a wonderful last weekend of the summer!

  • Haydee

    Sounds like a fun endeavor. Can’t wait for the launch!

  • Jess Wells

    Looks Amazing Anne! Can’t wait to see it at the launch. Congratulations! xxx